Children Is The Most Common Sleep Problem For Infants Essay

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Upon bringing home a newborn child, parents are faced with many questions and decisions to make about how to care for their child. One for the many debates that parents face, is sleeping arrangements for their child and how to manage them waking up at night. According to Loutzenhiser, 2014 “night- waking is considered to be the most common sleep problem for infants” p. 282. When the child is young, it is extremely likely that the parents will respond immediately, since the child waking at this age probably means that the child needs to be changed or fed, which is something that should be taken care of immediately. As they age, there are many different methods a parent can use in reaction to the child’s nighttime awakenings. One method that a parent can use is called the cry it out method, otherwise known as extinction. With this method, parents let their child cry for a certain amount of time before responding, if they even respond at all. When using this method, parents and their child tend to sleep in separate rooms. Parents may also choose to use attachment theory based interventions to assist the child in sleeping, such as using cosleeping. When parents choose to use cosleeping as a method to help their child sleep, they are right there with the baby so if the baby wakes at night, they tend to respond quickly to calm their child. The extinction method means that the parents put the child to bed at a specific bedtime and then do not soothe them unless extremely necessary…

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