Essay on Childhood to Adulthood

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Role of Parents and Parenting
Childhood to Adulthood
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Table of Contents Introduction 3 Literature Review 4 Complex Relationship 4 Role of other external agents 5 Division of role between parents (Mother and Father) 5 Major problems 6 Social Interaction 7 Difference in child personality 7 Discussion and Conclusion 8 References: 11


We are born as child and then gradually transformed to adults. This transformation, from Childhood to Adulthood is often dependent upon lot of factors, both internal and external. This transformation depends a lot upon the inputs given by parents and family members. Through out the research we have tried
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There can not be any generalization that how the kids should be taken care of, and how their future should be shaped. It all depends upon the level of understanding between parents and their children.
Role of other external agents

If the parents were only agents who played a role in transformation of children from childhood to adulthood, the complexity would have been less. However other external agents such as school, friends, neighbors and society at large largely effect the transformation. As presented in the literature it is the combine effect of all these factors decide and shape the personality of children.
For this simple reason parents should first understand the interest of their children and how their children are connected to others. The child behavior should be studied first and then based on the actions of kids parents should decide that how they have to connect with their children. Some parents find the emotional way easier and they are more emotionally connected to their kids while other thinks that being strict with their kids would help them. This all situations may vary from family to family however the one common thing is that families need to understand the behaviors and psychology of their kids.
Parents can also limit the role of external agents in the development process of

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