Childhood Sexual Abuse : A Consistent And Prevalent Issue Throughout The History

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Childhood sexual abuse has proven to be a consistent and prevalent issue throughout the history of society. In Judith Herman’s book “Trauma and Recovery” speaks on Freud’s findings of Sexual abuse as early as the late 1800’s (1-1997). Freud found in his case study titled the Aetiology of Hysteria that at the source of all of his cases of hysteria was evidence of one or more experiences of early sexual activity. In more recent cases we have seen childhood sexual abuse brought to the fore front though the scandal with the Catholic Church in the late 90’s and the Penn State Scandal involving Jerry Sandusky within the last 5 years. Childhood sexual abuse proves to be an issue and the prevalence and effects felt by its victims is an even more daunting burden.
Prevalence and Demography
Childhood Sexual abuse is unique in a way that it covers a multitude of sexual activities such as sexual intercourse, oral sex, and exploitation of children for pornographic purposes along with a slew of other acts (2-Putnam, 2003). The vast definition of childhood sexual abuse easily affects all cultures, societies, and classes, for this reason the prevalence of this issue is so high across the world. As of the year 2000 10% of the 88,000 reported child abuse cases in the United States included some form of sexual abuse. In a study on the examination of child abuse in South Africa conducted by Lois Pierce and Vivienne Bolzalek found that sexual abuse was the most serious form of maltreatment…

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