Childhood Obesity Is Not The Problem Essay

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An Argument Towards Childhood Obesity

Childhood obesity is a concerning problem especially here in the U.S. Obesity is linked to several heart diseases like diabetes. It is not taken as seriously is should be and people are helping to spread awareness on the topic. Marci Nadler has a different mindset about childhood obesity and thinks that it is not the problem that everyone should be concerned about. On May 13, 2013, Nadler, a body image advocate, published her article “Child Obesity is Not the Problem” on the Huffington Post website under the living section; According to the website she is a body image advocate, someone who helps people appreciate their body for what they are and here she is stating why childhood obesity is not the reason why the country there is a rise in obesity in the country. Despite having an unlikely opinion on the topic of obesity, Nadler raises some important points. She says that obesity is a serious issue and is outcome of unhealthy living. She comments that people are “turning a lifestyle issue into a “fat” issue” but the point of bringing awareness of childhood obesity is to educate children and parents on what a healthy diet may look like.

In Nadler’s fourth paragraph she discusses the “war on obesity” and how children are afraid of becoming overweight and how the media portrays unrealistic viewpoints in society. For example, if a child was to see a magazine and see a thin model they may find that as the norm in what they should…

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