Childhood Obesity Epidemic : Mary Savoye Essay

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A story written in the New York Times about the childhood obesity epidemic featured Mary Savoye. Mary Savoye, a dietitian recalled an encounter with a 16-year-old boy that displayed signs of liver disease because he was sixty pounds’ overweight. Upon discovering his condition his mother took him to a pediatric weight management clinic in New Haven, Connecticut. The mother a nurse herself did not like the advice from the dietitian. The mother was unable to accept the harsh fact that she played a role in her son’s current condition. In order for him to get healthier that means that their entire household would have to change their lifestyle. There are many other parents like this whom are turning a blind eye to their children’s weight.
A recent study on childhood obesity in 2012 stated that 70% of parents with obese daughters and pre-school- age sons described their children as “about the right weight.” The researchers compared survey results from 2012 to 1994 and it was discovered children became heavier throughout the years. As well the researcher indicated the parent’s likelihood to identify their child’s weight decline by 30%. The problem was coined as “oblivobesity” by Dr. David L. Katz a director of Yale’s Prevention Research Center. In an editorial he wrote for the study he expressed “Parents cannot ignore the threat of obesity to our children and still hope to fix it.” Around the world parents are under the impression that children are just becoming heavier. Dr.…

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