Childhood Obesity And The United States Essay

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Childhood obesity in the United States has reached an alarming prevalence, this is a serious epidemic, which directly correlates with several health concerns. The future lies in the hands of today’s children and the first priority ought to be the empowering America 's youth to ensure the health of the next generation. Research is centered on treatment; however the point of convergence ought to be counteractive action. Two-thirds of Americans are obese or overweight, not to mention that the number of obese adults has doubled within the last thirty years. Furthermore, twenty-five million children in the United States are currently obese or overweight. These children are at an increased risk for diseases, which incorporate diabetes, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease, just to give a perspective on the seriousness of these diseases. Individuals who are obese as children are more likely than not to be obese as adults, which is why childhood obesity needs to be decreased and furthermore eliminated. (Crawford, 2013)
It is anticipated that one-third of children that conceived in this decade will develop type two diabetes. This is the first generation of children that will live shorter lives than their parents if these rates are not derailed. (Crawford, 2013) Children should have longer life expectancies than their parents, considering how far the medical advancements have progressed. Although, American’s are reversing the effects of the advancement in medicine by living…

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