Childhood Obesity And The United States Essay

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Children and adolescents obesity and overweight incidences remain high, although public health services provides fair amount of focuses on children’s overweight and obesity problem in the United States. Childhood obesity and overweight can be lead to primary cause for chronic disease such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, many states and local government health department have been developed plans and campaign for people to be more active and be healthier. Quality physical education (PE) recommendation has been provided for implementation in states and schools (Kahan & McKenzie, 2015). State of New Jersey Department of Health and more than 200 community organizations collaborated to develop Shaping New Jersey (NJ) program which supports in providing education and services for New Jersey communities to live healthier by involving schools and communities with more physical activities and healthy nutrition choices. The primary coordination of this program is performed by the office of Nutrition & Fitness (ONF) at the Department of Health (DOH). ( )
Program consists of childcare enhancement in childcare facilities and creating baby friendly hospitals to provide healthier environment for children. Moreover, selected communities have been granted with the funding in developing physical activity friendly environment.

Three core functions of public health services are comprehensive public health services program that consist of the ten essential public…

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