Essay about Childhood Obesity And Its Effects On Children

1167 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
What is the first thing you thought when you hear the word epidemic? Is it aids? Maybe flu? But the fact is, many experts considered obesity as an epidemic due to the rapid growth of the number of obese children globally. Thirty years ago, the rate of obese children in the USA has been increased three times. Unsurprisingly, America is now taking the lead of the highest number of obesity all over the world. According to the article “Childhood Obesity,” in the 21st century, childhood obesity is one of the crucial problems in community health. In researcher’s studies, adult rate of obesity lead over children, but in other countries like the USA, Brazil, and China, the rate of children increased very fast compared to an adult. Obesity in children is caused by poor physical activity, more on food commercials and advertisements that are unhealthy, and consuming too much calories will affect their lives in the future. However, many experts have found a way to prevent obesity in children. Which is changing their habits to healthy lifestyle, prevention programs that can help children to strive obesity, and lastly, less the amount of processed foods. One of the numerous causes of obesity in children is their poor physical activity. In the article “Despite Millions Spent,” in Minnesota, most of the students in grade school ride a bus, and some are accompanied by their parents. As stated by the administrators, the reasons why children don’t walk to school is because of the…

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