Childhood Obesity : A Growing Problem Essays

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A Supersized Situation
Obesity is a growing problem in this country which trickles down to our children. The CDC reports “approximately 4.7 million, or 11% of youths 6-17 years are seriously overweight.” This statistic demonstrates why we need to tackle this issue head on and prevent this lifestyle from continuing into adulthood.
Childhood obesity prevention starts with educating parents, offering nutritious school lunches and healthier options by manufacturers. Furthermore, the government has a responsibility to regulate that the food we consume is safe, but should be just as concerned about the food that affects our waistlines. If this epidemic is not put in check now, then the lifespan of our children will be reduced significantly.
Over the last few decades the rates of childhood obesity have more than doubled and now kids are at risk for such medical conditions as diabetes, stroke and seizures. Due to children being less active and eating larger portions leads to high percentages of children classified as overweight or obese.
Parents are the greatest role model for their children and have the greatest influence regarding early behavior. For example, if a handout was mailed out to families outlining how to provide affordable healthy meals, then a parents could feel empowered to make even a small change. Furthermore, free samples at a store of a healthy product could eliminate preconceived notions that nutritious food taste foul and lack flavor. Free…

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