Childhood Is The Best Time Of Every Child 's Life Essay

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Childhood is supposed to be the best time in every child 's life. Children, during their childhood years, should be happy. They should feel their parent 's love, feel protected, and cared about. However, that is not the case with a large number of children in today 's society. Many children are being neglected and abused and that has a lot of affects on the children health and future. We all might have came across a little girl or boy with dirty clothes, dirt on their face, messy hair, tears in their eyes, with no food, no care, and no love. That is an example of what neglect can be. Neglect happens when the parents do not respond to the child 's needs, they do not care about what they want or what they do. Child neglect is often though of the same as child abuse; however, there are a few difference between the two. A child that is neglected is one that is not receiving sufficient help, love, or care from parents. Neglect is when a parent fails to provide for their child 's basic needs. A child that is denied or abandoned is a child that is experiencing physical neglect; on the other hand, when a child does not receive enough love and care from parents, that child would be experiencing emotional neglect. A study found the fathers of neglected children to have health and psychological problems, and the mothers to have other problems and also unemployment. Families of neglected children were also found to have received assistance from welfare services and state financial…

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