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Exploring a Childhood Concept - Thunderstorms What scares you? Concepts formed as a child often change as he or she grow into an adult; perhaps the ideas around magic or fairies. Other concepts such as fears are common, but can turn into debilitating fears or even phobias. Treatment for debilitating fears could improve children 's overall mental health, if left untreated they could lead to other disorders, such as anxiety and depression (Dingfelder, 2005). .In this paper, we will explore the concept of thunderstorms formed by a young girl, and how it lingered on until adulthood. She was not able to change this concept developed as a child until she had two young girls of her own, and was faced with a thunderstorm.
Thunderstorms As A Child
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The loud crashing and booming, the flashes of lightening and torrential downpours. She did not like thunderstorms, they scared her immensely. Her parents would try to sooth her with “everything is okay” “it is just a noise”, but she felt the unease of her parents, and was sure there was something to fear. At night, she would run into their room quite as a mouse, after a long debate with her stuffed animal friends in her room as to which she would take with her and if everyone was sure there was no thunderstorm monster lurking in the hallway. Once she was in her parents’ bedroom, she pulled out the sleeping bag stashed under the bed earlier in the night in anticipation of the storm. She lay awake shivering and sweating with each crash and boom. She had once been told by a well-meaning adult, that it was only God bowling with his friends in heaven that made the sound, but the concept was lost on her as she was always keen to when adults were lying to her. As she stared at the window watching flashes of lightening one night, she thought about God bowling and how surly if that were true the floor would break, spilling the contents of heaven down upon everyone or at least the bowling ball would fall to earth. This did not seem like a good thing as judging by the sound, that bowling ball was huge, and would probably leave a huge dent in the earth. As the girl grew, her fear of thunderstorms changed, although she was still uneasy about them, she felt anxious and depressed. She was better able to mask the fear of thunder around a group of friends who thought thunderstorms were

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