Essay on Childhood Aggression Is The Environment

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There are many different factors, and possibilities that can contribute to childhood aggression. A few factors that could possibly attribute to childhood aggression are parenting styles, the environment, and even frustration within a child. Psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Erick Erickson, and many others have helped pave the way for our understanding of children, and childhood aggression. There have been countless studies done by researchers, scientists, and of course psychologist such as the ones mentioned above that have done extensive work to reduce the amount of children with behavioral issues. These studies have helped many by educating them on how to understand, and work with children that have underlying issues that lead to aggressive behavior.

One huge factor that I believe leads to childhood aggression is the environment in which children are in. Children learn how to behave through their parents. One of the first people to have a shot at teaching a child is the parents. The parents parenting style effects the child in different ways. There are three parenting styles that a woman named Diana Baumrind created through her research on children’s behavior, and how it is linked to parents. The three parenting style are Authoritarian parenting, Permissive parenting, and Authoritative parenting. Authoritarian parenting emphasizes control and obedience, Permissive parenting emphasizes self- expression, and self-regulation, Authoritative parenting…

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