Essay on Child Malnutrition And A Growing Health Issue With Obesity

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Child health - hungereobesity paradox

Child malnutrition involves both undernutrition and a growing health issue with obesity. The rate of childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past few decades (Odgen & Carroll, 2010). Especially children from low-income family are at great risk for under nutrition and overweight suffering from food insecurity and facing limited access to healthy food choices. This is a significant health issue because nutrition and healthy eating habits in childhood are closely related to health and human capital outcomes in young adults.
Malnutrition in all its forms directly or indirectly is a cause of nearly half of all deaths globally. It is estimated that it is responsible for 1 million child deaths annually. It is responsible for 11% of the burden of disease worldwide which is the leading cause of long-term poor health and disability. It was found that approximately 104 million children under the age five were underweight and 171 million underdeveloped mostly affected by under nutrition while approximately 43 million children under five years of age were overweight. About 20 million children under five suffer from severe acute malnutrition which could be a life-threatening condition needing immediate cure (WHO 2015). The degree of this estimate suggests that severe malnutrition in children is a significant health issue.
Obesity is a complicated health issue with no simple solution to it. Childhood obesity has been shown to contribute to…

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