Malnutrition Project Report

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MENTORED PRACTICUM: PROGRESS REPORT 1 (15% of practicum grade)
NOTE: All information in all sections of this report obtained from outside sources must be appropriately cited in APA format.
Student name: Manasseh Eric Muvandimwe
Supervisor name: Catherine Kirk
Project title: Examining the root causes of poor recovery from moderate acute malnutrition among children enrolled in a supplemental food program in a rural health center of Rwanda.
Background (provide a short description of how the problem was discovered, the magnitude of the problem, the significance of the problem)
Malnutrition remains a big challenge and complex issue that needs special attention globally. In 2011, around 314 million children under five years
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Data collection tools: (describe each tool you will use (e.g. questionnaire with open ended questions, survey with multiple choice questions, data extraction grid, etc.), and what topics each covers (e.g. the interview grid covers the themes XYZ, which were identified from the literature, and consultation with key informants).
· if you have different tools for different types of respondents you need to describe each.
· if your literature review helped inform the content of your data collection tools, it must have a section clearly describing what relevant information was found and where (i.e. cited).

· you must attach a draft of all your data collection tools to your submission

· describe how you will pre-test or pilot it before beginning your data collection

· if your tool will be converted to another language than English, describe your plan for validating the translation (back translation, etc.).

Three data collection tools will be used:

1. A survey of
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▪ Tool is described, including content, organization, etc. 2

▪ Logistics of data collection are detailed, including interviewers, self-administration, etc. 2

Method: sampling strategy

(8 points) ▪ Research data source and inclusion/exclusion criteria are defined 3

▪ Logistics of sampling are detailed, including approach and selection of data sources/participants 3

▪ Sample size justified 2

Method: data analysis
(8 points) ▪ Proposed methods are appropriate and well organized 4

▪ Methods are clearly described for each measure 4

Ethical protections
(7 points) · Ethical considerations properly identified and mitigated 4

· Process of obtaining informed consent described and forms are adequate 3

Preliminary results
(10 points) · Summary of data collection to date provided 5

· If student has data: Preliminary results presented
· If student does not have data: Plan for presentation of results it provided 3

· Presentation of results (or anticipated results) is organized and appropriate 2

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