Child Labor And The United States Essay

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Exception of Child Labor
Third world countries are the utmost underdeveloped countries in the world; therefore, their citizens are underprivileged and necessitous. Families living in developing countries, such as Madagascar or Afghanistan, have children under the age of fourteen whose societal and living conditions force them to work. Nevertheless, child labor is a subject of controversy. In the twenty-first century, society has deemed child labor unacceptable, an inconvenient decision considering poor countries demand their youth to work in order to survive. Therefore, in countries that no longer need developing, governments should regulate child labor laws, but in third world countries, governments should allow child labor.
Individuals should accept child labor laws in third worlds where families’ incomes greatly vary. Some parents believe educating minors rather than having them work is the leading solution for poverty-stricken countries. In the article, “Bolivia: Don’t Lower Age for Child Labor,” Jane Furigay reports, “Countries whose economy and educational facilities are insufficiently developed may under certain conditions initially specify a minimum age of 14,” meaning she thinks, since Bolivia’s conditions reflect a improperly developed economy and educational system, they can lower their minimum age. However, Furigay later quotes Jo Becker, the children’s rights advocacy director of Human Rights Watch: “‘Poor families often send their children to work out of…

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