Child Development Is A Essential Part Of A Child 's Development

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Children’s Development
Name, identify and describe 6 important aspects of child’s development.
From the moment children are born, they are developing. Although child development “is a continuous and at times predictable process” (Lamont, 2015), there are many aspects that impact a child’s development. Brain development is a major part of child’s development that continues to develop well after the child is born. Social and emotional development allows a child to discover who they are. Language development is a vital part of a child’s development that allows them to be able to comprehend words, talk and read. Prenatal development occurs when the child is growing inside the mother and developing. After the child is born, it is continuing to develop physically as the body goes through many changes. A part of the sociocultural theory is widely used in modern society today, scaffolding allows a child to not be shown what to do rather guided so that the child comes to the answer themselves. Brain development is an important aspect of child development. “The brain is the only human organ that is not fully developed at birth” (Lamont, 2015). Piaget’s theory that children pass through four separate stages can help us in understanding how the brain works and develops. When a child enters the sensorimotor stage, the child will gain knowledge and learn through playing with objects. A child entering the preoperational stage “learns through pretend play but still struggle with logic…

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