Essay about Child Beauty Pageants : Little Girls

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Little girls are meant to be just that, little girls. The foundation, canceler, eyelashes, fake nails and lipstick come in to play later on in their lives if they choose. In my experience, my mother didn’t force those things on me or even allow me to wear cosmetics until I was around thirteen and even then it was light makeup. Child beauty pageants were first made known in the 1960’s and each year where around three million children from ages six to sixteen compete for the number one spot. The pageant world as seen on A&E as well as the TLC show “Here comes honey boo boo”, which follows a child on her daily life and beauty pageants. This sheds light on the fact that these pageants have more to do with the parents then the children themselves, parents start their children in pageants at as young as eighteen months old. The “glitz and glamour” of the pageants’ require the young girls to wear heavy make up, wigs, artificial tans and even fake teeth! Most of the girls in the pageants do not like wearing the fake teeth but the parents push it, trying to see them get a higher vote. Parent’s pushy behavior also may cause achievement by proxy disorder; judges as well as the other pageant mothers pick children apart. They are also looked over on various styles such as sportswear, evening clothes, dancing and overall talent. These are children why are they modeling eveningwear for adults? It is not appropriate for children to dress and act in the mature ways the pageants have them…

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