Child Abuse Persuasive Speech

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Persuasive speech
Topic : The effect of child abuse
Audience : I was speaking to all local audience in the Faculty of Plantation and Agrotechnology.
General purpose: To persuade
Specific purpose:
To persuade my audience to hearing and share their opinion about effect of child abuse to child around the world.
Thesis statement:
Child abuse is the serious problem among the community. Child abuse also will give negative effect to child growth. Some cases related to child abuse will give effect to all their life and give bigger problem to daily management.
Attention getter.
In united state, child abuse increase by time to time. More than 3 million cases were reported on the country. Definition of child abuse is parent or other
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Normally physical injury happen in community is burning, biting, hair pulling, kicking or extra whipping. Furthermore, the difference between physical abuse and physical discipline is physical discipline does not give any physical injury and does not give violent to the child. Base on the research done 28% adult reported they have abuse when their when child.

2. Sexual abuse.
This type of abuse will be occur when the adult take a child for sexual purpose. Generally, sexual abuse occurs in form of force child to view sex act, inappropriate sexual talk, or pornography. Parent can detect their child victim to sexual abuse is afraid facing with people, decline school performance or eating disorder. Sexual abuse state 20.7% adult have facing abuse when they child.

3. Emotional abuse.
Emotional abuse is occurring when one of the abuses is happen. Child that has emotional abuse may disturb their behavior. Some case, patient that facing with emotional abuse when they child will become anti-social, stealing and cheating. The emotional abuse normally comes from worker parents. For example, when they return from work, they really tired and want rest. They will reject or ignore what their child talk to them. Child will feel un-love from their parent and disturb their
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Department of Health and Human Services estimates that 1.25 million children experienced abuse in 2005 and 2006, of which 27 percent suffered emotional abuse, 58 percent physical abuse and 24 percent sexual abuse. (Traister,2015). Depression is become bigger problem if all people not take any action to minimize the child abuse case.

C. Personality disorders
Personality disorder is person that has variety personality that will give much problem in life. Person that facing with violence in childhood, have possibility to loss their mental health include disturb their identity. Normally, personality disorder will present two or more difference personality in one person.
Childhood abuse and neglect have been strongly implicated as risk factors in the development of personality disorders. Patients with personality disorders report increased rates of childhood maltreatment across a range of abuse types, such as emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect (Bierer et al., 2003; Battle et al., 2004).
Some investigations have found specific links between a particular type of maltreatment and individual personality disorders; however, the types of abuse and personality pathology identified have not been consistent among these investigations (Johnson et al., 1999; Gibb et al.,

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