Syllabusing Child Abuse

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Child abuse is the global problem that exists in our cultural, economic and social practices. Child abuse includes physical torture, emotional blackmail, and sexual harassment. Child abuse causes to lose hopes on their future; childhood is the most precious period where every child will be in their dream world with many dreams. However, here are some cruel people who are spoiling their life for their benefits and the children who are abused are helpless. They cannot do anything instead of following them. Although child abuse is a very big problem, one of the main reasons for child abuse is, there is no proper act for those who are abusing children. The children cannot complain to anyone, or they cannot escape from the work. This issue has one …show more content…
It is very clear that the children between 5 to 12 years are victims of this child abuse. There are many types of child abuse, firstly, physical abuse: it includes punishing a child very badly, hitting a child, making them do all the work. Physical abuse weakens the child to become physically weak. Secondly, emotional abuse: it also comes under emotionally blackmailing which include bullying, making them weak mentally, spreading rumours, posting unusual things on social media blackmailing them sentimentally. Mental torture has a more adverse effect more painfull than physical. The next major problem is sexual abuse: it is like harassment, kissing or touching a child in a sexual way with the wrong intention, texting or communicating in an abnormal way. Here, the people intention is only to satisfy their needs by using children. The girls are the major …show more content…
There are many solutions for this problem like complaining to cops or consulting some better person to get rid of it. However, they are children they do not even know that there are some people who are going to help them even if they know the solution also they cannot implement it. There are some cases where this child abuse can lead to the death of children.

The government can only provide the major solution to child abuse. Because the government has all the rights to do anything that they wanted. So, they can keep a survey on the people in each city, each and every lane. So, that we can easily find the people who are abusing children, and we can also save the victims. The mentioned procedures are not simple as just we say, the implementation required much care and concentration.

For the government, dealing with situations like child abuse may be complex because it is not like finding a thief and punishing him. It is a very sensitive case, must be handled with much care by using new thoughts and acts. The government is not only responsible for their children of the country but parents also responsible for their children. If the Parents are responsible enough, it can result in a decrease in child abuse

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