Precautionary Measures Of Child Abuse Essay

Children are being abused and schools need to be taking the right precautionary measures to help the children and their families. Parents and guardians often abuse their children because they are under the influence of alcohol and drugs, or they grew up being abused and think that this is the correct way to discipline their children. By law, teachers are to report any case of child abuse that they are sure of. For the teachers’ protection, their name will remain undisclosed. Teachers and schools need to be trained to recognize the physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, and neglect of children so that they can identify victims in the classroom and take the right precautionary measures.
There is a constant rate of child abuse taking place.
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This kind of abuse includes any intentional form of physical damage to a child. Adults that physically abuse children may end up doing so because they do not know their own strength or have anger issues that need to be addressed. Physically abusing a child can include hitting, punching, throwing, dropping, kicking, and even burning. These marks can be left on a child for the rest of his or her life, depending on how bad the injuries are that the parent or guardian is causing. Nonetheless, the physical marks are not the only aspect of physical abuse that affects children. Children who are abused often carry anger issues, show fear of any authoritative figure, and wear clothing that completely covers their body, even in warmer climates. Teachers can identify physical abuse if, “the child’s explanations do not fit the injury or if a pattern of frequency is apparent”, (American Humane Association). However, teachers must be very careful before filing a physical abuse report because children tend to forget how they acquired some of their bumps and bruises. It can be common for children to get small injuries once in a while from common mistakes, they are still learning to balance and control their movements in the early elementary

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