Child Abuse And Neglect In Alco Francisco Mayro Rios-Covarrubias

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Child abuse is about at the highest it has ever been and constantly rising every day. Recently Mayra Solis at age twenty-two and her friend, Francisco Javier Rios-Covarrubias had been put under arrest due to a major child abuse case on a three-year-old girl. The girl 's mother left her with Francisco while she went to work during the day. When police found the child, she was in critical condition. She was placed in a closet bound by restraints and stuffed in a black garbage bag. Not only was she tied up, but she was covered in her own feces, showing that she had been in there a while. This was a huge case and an example of child neglect. Child abuse can cause damage to your health depending on how often it occurs.

Postpartum depression is
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As research shows according to the American humane 's website in 2007 child neglect occurred 62 percent of the time that reports were made. Neglect is not properly watching or meeting the need of someone 's care. Child neglect often occurs when the child isn 't old enough to know it is wrong. Most of the time they are not even old enough to fight back or tell someone about what is going on. Statistics say that ¨victimization rates were highest among the youngest population of children, birth to 3 years, at a rate of 16.5 per 1,000 children (¨. Sometimes the children are neglected because the parents didn 't want them or were new at being parents and didn 't realize their child 's nutrition needs. It is also common in children who reported that they had disabilities.”Child victims who were reported with disabilities accounted for almost 8 percent of all victims of child abuse and neglect in the 39 states”(”At least 70 percent of all reported cases of child maltreatment. Adults with substance use disorders are 2.7 times more likely to report abusive behavior and 4.2 times more likely to report neglectful behavior toward their children(”This means that not all the time the parent want to potentially hurt their children, but if they are under prescription drugs or illegal drug the children still might be in danger. Since the parents or guardians have …show more content…
It happens after childbirth, but it is most common after a miscarriage. During this time, the mother of the child feels like there was no point in having the child and doesn 't feel like they are any hope for her or the child. ”A severe and potentially life-threatening illness. Nonacs adds a third category of postpartum disorders -- postpartum psychosis(” Psychotic symptoms most often occur after childbirth examples of this are extreme mood swings and hallucinations women can become irritable and they might also require hospitalization. This can get even worse research shows from Medscape 's website page ”in extreme cases, the risks of suicide and/or infanticide is high, thus, these women often require hospitalization.”This doesn 't occur all of the time, but it is still something to watch out for when postpartum is involved. It happens because it commonly happens to new mothers, they are thrown with ”important such as genetics, socioeconomic issues, stress, and emotional support system for the new mother(” all at the same

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