Child Abuse And Its Effects On Children Essay

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All of theses different social workers have the same end goal, which is to help, help children, families, the elderly, the injured, everyone that needs it. Sometimes it is not possible to help everyone and then these people become statistics. Internationally 40 million children are subjected to abuse each year (“Child Abuse Statistics and info” 1). Child abuse and neglect has become a very serious problem, it is one of the reasons that suicide is the third leading cause of death in adolescents worldwide (“Child Abuse Statistics and Info” 1). That has to make you wonder what has this world become that children are treated so horribly that they feel it is necessary to take their own lives. It is happening every day all around us we have no idea what is happening in other people 's lives, that 's why bullying is taken so seriously.
Neglect makes up 78% of child abuse cases and is mostly under-reported and is often unnoticed (“Child Abuse Statistics and Info” 1). Neglect includes anything from hygiene; medical neglect, being left unattended in an car and abandonment. It can be such a small thing but it is still a huge deal. If people are neglected as children it does not just affect their childhood and young adult years. A lot of the time is affects their whole lives. Some grow up to believe the way they were raised is the way they are supposed to raise their children. It is a cycle can affect generations and generations of children and adults.
Neglect is not the…

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