Essay about Child Abuse And Children Are Being Abused Each Day

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More and more children are being abused each day. Studies show that three point two million reports of child abuse were filed in 2007. Out of these reports one point seventy-nine million of them were investigated, and 794,000 were actually found to be cases of child abuse and neglect. There have also been statistics that show that forty-two percent of abused children were under the age of one, and seventy-five point seven percent were under the age of four (“Better Funding Of Child Protection Services Will Help Protect Children from Domestic Violence”). With better funding of child protective services more of these cases could be investigated, and thousands of children could be better protected from the harm of abusive or neglectful parents. Five different categories of abuse were provided in a study from 1996 and 1997. These categories are: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, emotional maltreatment and other. “Neglect represents the most common type that is reported” (“The Incidence of Child Abuse is Increasing”). Studies show that fifty-two percent of cases are neglect, twenty- two percent are physical abuse, eight percent are sexual abuse, four percent are emotional abuse, and twelve percent are other. Neglect is becoming more and more prevalent and shouldn’t be ignored. It is known that prevention helps; many programs have been developed that help new parents and provide family support services. Services that go into the home have been shown to have positive…

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