Essay on Child Abuse : A Child 's Life

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In some households, the term “home” is a place where a child could unwind for their day and enjoy being with the people they love the best. In other households, a home is when you fear for your life and have to think about when you are going to get abused or neglected by your parents. Parents and caregivers are supposed to guide you through your childhood so that you are prepared for the future, not being treated like a criminal. Children should feel the love from the parents and be able to trust them with anything that is going on in their life. The magical mind of a child will need a parent through their tough times. Child abuse needs to end because a child’s life should not be endangered by a parent or caregiver who is supposed to love them and be able to trust them like any other child in the world.
A child’s life should be filled with having fun with family and creating memories to make an incredible life for the road, ahead. This generation and the ones to come have to worry about the people that are by them in public and who sit next to them. “The experience of physical or psychological abuse in childhood can have profound, long-term, and deleterious effects on a person’s social development and emotional well-being.” (Primavera and Jackson). The understanding of abuse can make children fear for their life when someone that they know, touch or say something in an unusual manner. A start in child abuse can set the child in a bad predictment for the rest of their…

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