Chf Essay

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Congestive Heart Failure


Everyone loses pumping ability in their heart as they age. The serious case of heart failure develops when other health conditions cause the heart to work harder or become damaged due to increased stress. Heart failure is usually a chronic disease. It gradually tends to become worse. By the time someone is diagnosed with it, the heart has most likely begun to lose pumping capacity for quits some time. Nearly five million Americans are living with heart failure and 550,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. This paper will discuss what heart failure is, and what nursing interventions may be of help to patients who suffer from this disease. My grandmother was recently diagnosed with congestive
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Treatments such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) can significantly reduce the symptoms of both CHF and sleep apnea.

Research suggests that many of these patients cannot perform such basic activities as correctly defining their illness or identifying their medications. “To provide the kind of care these patients need, we have to move beyond the four walls of the hospital . . . when we can expand our care to include home health care and teaching (patients) about things such as proper diet, monitoring their symptoms and correctly taking their medications, we can perhaps reduce re-hospitalization for congestive heart failure”(Hoyt 1).

According to an article from The American College of Physicians (CHEST) magazine, “congestive heart failure currently affects 1.5 to .0% of the population and is associated with excessive morbidity and mortality. It is the only major cardiovascular disease that is increasing in prevalence and incidence, due to the aging population, reduction in acute cardiovascular mortality, and relatively ineffective treatment for CHF.” Despite major progressions in treatment, prognosis remains grim. CHF has now emerged as the leading cause of hospitalization in patients 65 years old and older. In the United States, there is an ongoing search for a more cost efficient and effective therapy. This is due to the annual direct costs of treatment for CHF patients being somewhere in the

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