Chester 's Point Of View Essay

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Chester 's Point of View:

Imagine being soaked by the rain, cold and alone, from being ditched by your best friend at three in the morning. Not only that, but having to hitch-hike, knowing the next car that pulls over could be anyone. For all I knew, a serial killer or worse could be waiting for me, a little too willing to give me a ride. Thankfully, that wasn 't the case when a kind woman stopped and asked if I needed a ride, who turned out to be a fan. She picked me up, knowing where I needed to go as she already had tickets, planning to attend the next show. As a thank you, I gifted her with two backstage passes, to which she wished me well and continued on.

Mike called me soon after I arrived, making me hesitant to answer, considering he didn 't seem to have a care in the world about me until he probably woke up. I eventually decided to answer, as I still loved my best friend, no matter how he wronged me. He apologized profoundly, but I 've had enough of people walking out on me and I 'm not willing to allow it to happen again. It hurt so much more knowing it was my best friend.

After a brutal talk with Mike after the bus arrived at the venue, I retired to the bus, wanting to at least attempt to get some sleep. I was drained emotionally and felt somewhat numb to everything. I didn 't even care that the others now knew Talinda and I aren 't together anymore, but I had in mind that I couldn 't keep up the charade forever.

I took a minute to change into something more…

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