Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster Essay

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In a small town in the Ukraine people slept quietly during the night of April 25th to April 26th. The next day people of Pripyat awoke, and they went about their daily business as normal. Kids went to school, adults went to work, and it was a typical day (" 'Voices From Chernobyl ': Survivors ' Stories."). Little did they know of the disaster that struck at 1:23 a.m. at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. Nadezhda Petrovna Vygovskaya, a survivor of the event recalls “I can still see the bright-crimson glow, it was like the reactor was glowing. This wasn 't any ordinary fire, it was some sort of shining.” During the night graphite reactor number 4 had exploded and was releasing seven tons of dangerous radiation into the surrounding area (Borrero).
This particular graphite reactor had steam cooling pipes and turbines to help generate the energy and keep the reactor stable. The entire disaster started when emergency generators were failing and they needed to do a test on the reactor to help fix the generator. However, in order to do this test they needed to
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This was the most calamitous nuclear accident in all of history. People 's lives were forever changed through illnesses and other biological shifts. The environment surrounding the area of the power plant went through a revolution. At first everything got destroyed but eventually it grew back stronger than before. This disaster changed the social and political interactions that occur during this time. People had a fear of becoming radioactive and sick, so they shunned those who came from the Chernobyl area. The dissolvement of the Soviet Union was aided greatly by this event because the tradition of secrecy was broken this segregating the new regime. The calamity that was the Chernobyl nuclear failure is a very important part of history because it affected numerous facets of

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