Cheerleading Is A Sport For Young People Essay

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From its humble beginning, cheerleading has developed into a very active hobby for young people. Recently cheerleading has brought controversy toward whether or not it should be considered a sport. Being one of the fastest growing girls’ sport, a lot of people do not see it as being a sport. Many people do not believe cheerleading is a sport because they do not think it involves athletic skills like other sports and a big reason because is not a part of a game. What they do not realize is that modern cheerleaders must show all the characteristics that are defined as a sport in order to be good. It involves the strength of a football player, dexterity of a gymnast, speed of a track star, the grace of a dancer, and the determination of all athletes.
Cheerleading has evolved from cheering on the sidelines to an active and competitive sport. One historian points out, “By the 1800’s Princeton University’s American football sporting game atmosphere led to Princeton’s students forming an all-male student pep club” (“History”). The students soon lead “cheers” (unified chants and yells) in order to provide the football teams support during their team, as well as create a great energy during the game “History”). Cheerleading for many years was a male-only activity that encouraged a football team. This is a big contrast of what cheerleading is today. “Today women comprise of more than 9% of the world’s cheerleaders,” states a historian (“History”). Today cheerleading involves tumbling,…

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