Cheerleading Is A Competitive Sport Essay

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Cheerleading is something that has changed drastically in the past years. In the past couple of decades cheerleaders have left the sidelines and have stepped up to the mat. It is now a competitive sport. ”Cheerleading isn 't about winning, it 's about being better than you were yesterday”-unknown. Cheerleading has grown so much, now cheerleaders are focusing on making themselves and the sport better. The orgins of cheer origionally started in Great Britian.In 1883, they started the trend of cheering and chanting at sports games. However, the first official cheer was at the University of Princeton in 1884 in Princeton, New Jersey( Although cheerleading is thought to be female dominated sport, it was originally an activity that was made for males. The university of Minnesota created a “Yell Squad” in 1903. This squad was composed of six males and ended up being a male cheer fraternity called Gamma Sigma. By the 1920s the sport was starting to flourish and big names like Dwight Eisenhower and Franklin Roosevelt began to join the sport during their college experience.
Women began to join cheerleading during World War II in 1923. Many of the men had left to fight and cheerleading was the only sport that women were permitted to participate in. As women began to dominate the sport, it began to incorporate more stunting and tumbling than before. However, cheerleaders were voted in by their peers. This downplayed the skill that less “popular”…

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