Charlotte Gilman And The Nsrrator Essay

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Charlotte Gilman and The Nsrrator “The Yellow Wallpaper” tells a story of a woman whom suffers from depression. Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author, lived a life with many similarities to the character in her story. Is the narrator in the story based on Charlotte Gilman’s life? Multiple statements are made that are uncannily similar to Charlotte Gilman’s biography. Charlotte Perkins Gilman lived a rough life in her early years. In Charlotte’s adult life, she married and had a daughter named Katherine. Editors, author of “Charlotte Perkins Gilman Biography,” stated that after years of marriage Charlotte “experienced a severe depression and underwent a series of unusual treatment for it.” (n.d.). Charlotte’s husband placed her under the care of a doctor to treat her for her depression spells. Gilman states “the doctor sent me home with the solemn advice to ‘live as domestic a life as possible,’ to ‘have but two hours’ intellectual life a day,’ and ‘never to touch pen, brush, or pencil again’ as long as I lived.” (307). After a few months of following the doctor’s instructions, Charlotte felt that she was going crazy, In Charlotte’s adult life, she was a women’s rights activist, and spent a lot of time with politics. This may help to understand selections from the story. Charlotte later divorced and remarried to her cousin, George. A year after George died, Gilman found out that she had cancer, “Charlotte Perkins Gilman committed suicide on August 17, 1935.”…

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