Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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Works of literature is the creative expression of the time’s systems. Charles Dickens used many of his writings to reflect his current time period. He used his novel “Great Expectations” to highlight the conflicts of London during the Victorian era. Dickens identified the issues in London’s justice system, treatment of orphans, and education system in “Great Expectations”. One of the conflicts present in both “Great Expectations” and Dickens’ time is the legal system and its values. The court was used as a business rather than to bring justice, the court was also generally rude, and the accused is often mistreated. The justice system in both the novel and in real life focused more on getting money rather than bringing justice. In Dickens’ time, trials were a means of business as “tickets were issued to those who knew the right people” (Liza Picard). Similarly, it occurred in the book that a minister of justice was trying to sell Pip tickets to a trial and an execution. This shows how trials were used to make money instead of analyzing the accused’s case. The justice officials mistreated clients and witnesses. In the novel, Mr. Jaggers and Wemmick, a lawyer and a clerk respectively, would often push around and bully their client, Mike. Likewise in Dickens’ time, jury members, clients, and witnesses were under the court’s rudeness by withholding information about the case and their sitting arrangements from them, and excluding and telling them to wait outside the courtroom…

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