Charles Dickens ' Great Expectations Essay

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In this day and age, chivalry is quite uncommon. Some say that it has died, but others would argue that chivalry is alive and well. Why is society so confused when discussing the quality of its own people? After reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens, the source of perplexion is quite obvious. In a story of uncertainty and pursuit, the main character, Pip, longed to be a gentleman. He spent years and years of his life training to become a man with wealth, land, and class. One can now determine the problem that has lasted from the time of Charles Dickens until the present. It is extremely difficult to recognize a true gentleman from a false one. Pip yearned to be like those in the upper class after failing to see that his simple childhood was spent with examples of truly honorable people. In Great Expectations, Dickens believes that the qualities of a gentleman are as displayed by the characters Biddy, Joe, Herbert, and Magwitch, who placed honesty, faithfulness, friendship, and affection above all else.

Biddy advised Pip with complete concern and honesty, making her the exemplary gentlewoman of the novel. When Pip informed Biddy of his intentions to become a gentleman for Estella, the beautiful and rich girl who toyed with his heart, Biddy bluntly, yet respectfully, told him what she believed to be best for him. “‘I should think -but you know best- that might be better and more independently done by caring nothing for her words. And if it is to gain her over, I…

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