Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution Essay

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Change is constant in our lives. Every day is a different day, there’s new discoveries being made, new life being born, new thought being explored, etc. The beliefs of our world’s formation and history have also gone through constant change. We try to make sense of how the world has gotten to be the way it is and how we, its inhabitants have become the way we are. Many different theories have defined our past and us but not many of them still exist today. There is one theory in specific though that filled in the missing blanks about how the creatures of this earth came to be. This theory happens to be Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution.
Charles Darwin was born on the 12th of January, 1809. Darwin was an English naturalist and an Indigenous culture recorder. His grandfather, Eramus Darwin, believed that all living organisms came from a single common ancestor. In 1794, he published the book 'Zoonomia ' that gave the ideas for the theory of evolution. the theory of evolution is usually credited to Charles Darwin, but it is actually a result of the ideas of many individuals both before and during Darwin 's time. The theory of evolution is always evolving with technological advances and new knowledge. Therefore, changes continue to be made to Darwin 's theory. Darwin’s theory was different from others because it included a process by which evolution could occur. He called the process natural selection (which is often referred to as 'survival of the fittest '). He believed…

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