Essay Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution

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God’s are such fragile things; they may be killed by a whiff of science or a dose of common sense.
- Then controversial Richard Dawkins
Cambridge graffiti: "CRICK FOR GOD".
No surprise that pivotal advances in science provoke religious metaphors. Crick and Watson 's discovery transformed our view of life itself - from a manifestation of spiritual magic to a chemical process. One more territorial gain in the metaphysical chess match between science and religion.
Charles Darwin 's theory of evolution was certainly a vital move in that chess game - if not checkmate. In an interview for God and the Scientists, on Christianity, Richard Dawkins declares: "Darwin removed the main argument for God 's existence" ( ). This quote express the severity of Darwin’s research to the argument of evolution and how much more possible this is than God.
That wasn 't, of course, Darwin 's intention. In 1827, he scraped into Cambridge to study for the church. But by 1838, with the wealth of experience from the Beagle 's voyage, Darwin, inside his head conceived the idea that natural selection - survival of the fittest - created new species. Darwin 's cousin, Emma, a strict Unitarian, after accepting his marriage proposal still fretted that his heretical theories would lead to their separation in the afterlife!
Darwin agonized for more than 20 years before publishing On the Origin of Species, and another two before he could say, in The Descent of Man, that "Man must be included…

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