Essay on Charles Darwin 's Theory Of Evolution And Natural Selection

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Charles Darwin was a British naturalist that changed the way people think of the world. He traveled to the Galapagos Islands and noticed species that he did not recognize. From his time at the Galapagos, he discovered the theory of evolution and natural selection.

Charles Darwin was the son of wealthy parents. His father was a doctor, and wanted Charles Darwin to become one himself. Although Charles ' father wanted him to become a doctor, he could do nothing to change Charles ' view on school. Charles Darwin disliked school, and would rather spend his time outdoors, learning the names of native species, and did not like the thought of going to more school to become a doctor. His father insisted, and Charles Darwin went to school to become a doctor.

As he was training to become a doctor, Charles Darwin was watching a surgery as it was taking place. He did not like to hear the cries in pain of the patient and decided that he could not pursue a career as a doctor. He told his father, and his father suggested that he become a priest instead. Charles Darwin accepted his father 's idea, and in turn, went to school to become a priest. While he was at college, he found many people that shared his interest in the outdoors. They became good friends, and Charles Darwin spent much of his time with them.

Once Charles Darwin had graduated from college, he returned to his home, where he received an unexpected letter from Robert Fitzroy, inviting him to go on an expedition on the HMS…

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