Charles Darwin Accomplishments

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“ A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life” (Charles Darwin) Charles Darwin is one of the most responsive scientists of the nineteenth century. Charles Darwin's most famous act as a scientist was to change the way people look at living things.
Charles’s childhood and educational background was very unique. Charles Robert Darwin was born February 12, 1809 in Shrewsbury, England. His dad was Robert Darwin and his mother Susannah Darwin. He had had five siblings which included Erasmus his brother and his four sisters Emily, Susan, Marianne and Caroline. His first school years didn’t go so well in the fact of his brilliant mind. He was very interested in nature but mostly insects and beetles. His first college
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He went in search of new species of plants and animals and much more. What he discovered after being there was more than he could of imagined. After watching many animals but most notably finches, he discovered that on different sides of the island had different finches. With a place with a lot of nuts, the finch had a beak fit for eating nuts. With a place with berries, the finch had a beak made for eating berries.Charles Darwin’s discovery has changed the world in many ways. First, many people are furthering his research. They are trying to find out if his theory is plausible by testing how smart apes are. The next way his discovery has changed modern day is because many people believe his theory. It’s practically a new belief system like believing in god or the big bang. Lastly, teachers have been teaching their students his theory in class. This has changed the world because more and more kids are learning his theory and thinking that this is how humans were formed.
Charles Darwin is was one of the most intelligent scientists/biologists of the 1800’s because of his Theory of Evolution and his great thinking. There are many reasons why he was such a great thinker such as his unique childhood/education background and how moved around so much in his fields of study. His contributions were brilliant like his book The Origins Of Species, and his field of biology has had many

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