Essay On Chariot Warfare

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Chariot Warfare and Entertainment During the rule of the Roman Empire, chariots were the only use of transportation besides walking or riding on donkeys or camels. The chariot were mainly built for warfare and entertainment. Depending on what type of purpose the chariot was used for, the amount of spokes on the wheels and amount of horses pulling the chariot changed. In warfare, the chariot 's wheel had six spokes. The entertainment chariot had only four spokes. There were usually two horses used per chariot in warfare. In chariot racing it ranged from two to ten horses. In warfare, there were two men stationed in one chariot. One was the charioteer who controlled where and how fast the horses were going. The second man was the archer or fighter. The fighter stood on the platform of the chariot and would easily shoot at enemies without having to focus on the horses. Chariots were mainly used in battle as a way to break open the frontline of an enemy. After the chariot broke through the front line, they would then charge into the troops and scare many of then since the sound of the spikes on the wheels and pounding of horses was very frightening. Once the chariot was past the frontline, the fighter that was on the chariot would jump off and begin killing and capturing …show more content…
To this day, horse racing has become and still is a popular sport. Also, Humvees are cars that are used in the military just like how chariots were used. This goes to show that even a small invention like a chariot can shape the future to make it a better and more fascinating place. Chariots were used in Ancient Rome to make fighting easier and to add entertainment for almost all of Rome, even though it was a very bloody sport. In conclusion, the use of the chariot helped the history of Rome and other empires to create many hidden and heroic events that people might want to think twice

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