Literary Elements In Desiree's Baby By Kate Chopin

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“Desiree’s Baby” is one of the few short stories that was written by Kate Chopin and originally published on January the 14th, 1893. The story starts out by introducing a character by the name of Madame Valmonde who is visiting Desiree and her baby. About 18 years after, Armand Aubigny, another important character introduced, has suddenly fallen in love with Desiree when he saw her against a stone pillar. After seeing the baby and how its grown, Valmonde and Armand see that something about the baby is off. Armand is upset that the baby is not white and sends Desiree away, and later he sets up a bonfire to get rid of all of Desiree’s belongings. Among the many letters and papers, there was a letter from his mother to his father saying that she thanks God for her husband’s love, but also says that she is grateful that their son will never know that his mother “belongs to the race that is …show more content…
Characters are used to help the reader get an understanding of how the main characters acted and the emotions they portray. The important symbols allow for background and a feeling of the settings described in the story. Finally, the theme gives the reader a sense of what the story may be about or what its talking about in order to feel what the author writes down in this short story. I personally recommend “Desiree’s Baby” to anyone because of the plot twist at the end. It’s such a great example of irony against Armand Aubigny because he falsely accused Desiree for being the one to give their baby the dark skin complexion. Although Desiree’s background is unknown, it was Armand’s black heritage that affected the baby’s genetics. So, being a cruel slave owner and master, only to find out part of his ethnicity is from his black mother, the story opens the eyes of readers and displays the messages “things aren’t always what they seem.” and “never judge a book by its

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