Characteristics Of The American Dream

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The American Dream constantly changes over time. From the time of the Founding Fathers, the American Dream was simply freedom and independence. For the people, the dream was to strive to be the best. For America, the dream was to be considered a model for other countries. Today, America arguably is not the strongest country compared China, or the United Kingdom. But America is still considered a great influence. Many ideas of the American Dream change as a result of this. The ideas of wealth, fame, and happiness have changed the past American Dream. Now, the modern American Dream is about focus of the individual and the rise to prosperity. Many in today’s society dream of becoming extremely rich and living a luxurious life. This greed …show more content…
However, these are the obstacles are part of the path, and the end is considered reaching the modern American Dream. Despite this, one might disagree, saying the path to happiness has become materialistic. For example, many young people today buy video games and toys with each other and they are simply satisfied with this. However, the material itself does not represent the modern American Dream. When young people play video games and toys with each other, the experience of playing and entertaining oneself can represent the beginning of the modern American Dream. The material itself is not the beginning, but the time with one another. Therefore, the path to happiness is a major part of the modern American Dream. From years and centuries ago, the American Dream was different. The idea of the American Dream was freedom and independence, and stated by the Founding Fathers of America in the Declaration of Independence as “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”. Today, the American Dream has indeed changed, but there are slight similarities. Unlike the past, American society has involved with time into a more capitalistic society. Therefore, the modern American Dream would be about the focus of

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