Relationship Between Science And Religion

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Religion And Science Is Complement Each Other

Science and religion are two entities that occupy an important position in the philosophy of science. The position of both branches of the discipline to give each other positive value in addressing the problems of life and humanity. It is caused by human nature as thinking beings who always want rationality. Humans are also experienced and witnessed to the problems associated with the dimensions of the mysteries in life that can not be solved except by reference to religion, so the existence of religions-which besides a belief system that requires the truth, as well as practical action against the application of trust (faith) who have recognized the truth through science methodology
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The epistemology, metaphysics, theology and psychology has an important role in developing the intellectual to formulate various conceptual relationship of religion and science (Osma, 2008). Its main role is to provide formulations conceptual to the scientists rationally justifiable by scientific and accountable to be used as premises of various types of science. For example cosmology, with their cosmology can help relieve and conceptualize the basics of science such as physics and …show more content…
In science we are trying to find the meaning of experience outwardly, whereas more emphasis in religion is spiritual experience that foster awareness and understanding of deep religious. In some ways, this may be described by our science, but it cannot be measured and expressed by formulas exact science (Soedowo, 2007).
Nevertheless, one thing is clear, that the physical and spiritual life remains dominated by the grammar rule of law. This means, both religion and science, that is, God. Both complement each other and help humans in their respective fields in its own way.
The function of religion and science can be figured as the relationship eye and a microscope. The microscope has helped our limited senses eyes, so that they can see the bacteria are too small to be seen by the naked eye. Similarly, a very small celestial objects visible to the naked eye, this can be aided by a telescope because it is too far away. Likewise with divine revelation, has helped make sense to solve tricky problems observed by the senses. If this is only done by a sense it will be misleading people.

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