Characteristics Of Prophet Q

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Basically, Prophet YaÑqËb possessed four compulsory virtues (al-ÎifÉt al-wÉjibat) as the other Prophets. These virtues are ÎiddÊq (truthful) , amÉnah (trustworthy) , tablÊgh (deliver) and faÏÉnah (intelligent) . Among these four virtues, siddiq is placed on the highest priority for the Porphets should be truthful men who only speak the truth as they were accounted to deliver the message of the true religion to the people. Therefore it is impossible for them to have the contrary characteristics to those mandatory virtues; al-Kizb (deceiver), al-khiyÉnat (betrayal), al-kitmÉn (hiding) and al-balÉdah (unintelligent), as can be found in the Biblical narrations.
Meanwhile, the Qur'Én specifically records considerable number of appraisal and recognition on him for his virtues.. Additionally, Almighty AllÉh gives compliments to Prophet YaÑqËb in the Qur’Én for his outstanding patience and wisdom in parenting. Instances, the Qur´Én mentions Prophet YaÑqËb as righteous (sÉlih), knowledgable (ahl al-Ñilm), patient (Îabr), silent melancholy (kaÐÊm), optimist and the seeker of forgiveness (mustaghfir) as elaborated below. 2.6.1 Righteous (ØÉliÍ)
Prophet YaÑqËb was a righteous man who came from the righteous lineage. His grandfather, Prophet IbrÉhÊm was a righteous man, as well as his father, Prophet
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In fact, it was Almighty AllÉh’s command to take the best measure guided by the granted knowledge to deal with any eventuality. Almighty AllÉh also praises Prophet YaÑqËb as he practiced the granted knowledge in the correct way while there are people who are ignorant. He was also regarded as a father who possessed outstanding patience in encountering his sons rebellious behavious. This characteristic will be expanded in the following

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