Characteristics Of Chivalry

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In a society where someone cannot turn on the news without being barraged by all of the wrongdoing in the world, there is a light at the end of the tunnel if only civilization would be willing to move forward just a few more steps; chivalry. There are three basic core traits of chivalry that could irrefutably change the world for the better; loyalty, mercy, and respect, all of which people nowadays casually disregard. While people do not need to go so far as to revert completely back to medieval times, they could certainly benefit from some of the values of that time period.
Back in the days when chivalry was not an option but the accepted lifestyle, loyalty was oftentimes the only thing a person could count on. In modern times, people pick
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If we do not have enough mercy in this world, it goes without saying that society is suffering from a lack of respect for others and themselves. A major problem involving disrespect happens to be bullying; kids too often are ripped apart for being different, for trying to be themselves or just making a mistake. Every seven minutes a kid is bullied, and only in eleven percent of these situations will a teacher or a person of authority intervene in the harassment (Bullying is). Every seven minutes a child is told that they are worthless, ugly, a mistake; they are dehumanized and torn down. Before they even have an inkling of what the real world is like, they have already experienced the pain of it. One out of every four teens will be bullied at some point in their life (Bullying is); that is a quarter of society that will have been treated as though they do not have feelings that are worth being spared. Disrespect does not always have the simple consequences of a slap on the wrist from an authority figure; it can take someone’s happiness, maybe even their life. Oftentimes though, they receive little to no punishment at all. Take rape for an example of a serious offense met with weak consequences. Only three out of every one hundred rapists will spend even a day in prison (97 of Every). To a rapist, this is validation from the government itself that what they are doing is not wrong; meanwhile, the shattered men and women they leave behind will be forced to carry on with their lives as though nothing happened. The court process which is grueling and stressful, is not one that many people wish to face, and the fact that it is more than likely that nothing will come from it can be discouraging. So discouraging, that fifty-four percent of rapes will not be reported (97 of Every). While the rape itself is never the victim’s fault, and talking about it can be one of the hardest things the victim will

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