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Being a parent is an extremely difficult and taxing job that requires awareness of the nature of a youth’s development. There is a fine line between good parenting and bad parenting and it is important for parents to be aware of the characteristics of both. Although there are an abundance of opinions about the correct way to raise a child, research shows that some parenting techniques pose better outcomes for children than others. There are many things good parents do that create positive outcomes for their children. First and foremost, a good parent is involved in their child’s life, and gives their child the emotional and physical attention that they require. Being an involved parent takes a lot of time and often involves sacrifice and …show more content…
When communicating with their child, an authoritative parent uses warmth, and respect while maintaining a clear boundary (Cummings, Davies, & Campbell, 2000). Research concludes that children of authoritative parents often have a higher psychosocial competence and score lower in psychological and behavioral dysfunction (Lamborn et al., 1991). Overall, authoritative parenting has been shown to benefit children socially, emotionally, and physiologically (Cummings, Davies, & Campbell, 2000). This research further supports that authoritative parenting is associated with some of the most successful child outcomes, because these parents are consistent in their parenting approach, and are firm yet …show more content…
A permissive parenting style often coincides with this type of behavior. A permissive parent is accepting and tolerates nearly every behavior exhibited by their child. Although this parent does express warmth and nurturing, there is an extreme lack of enforcement of any rules and no authority exists. In this situation, children are left to regulate their own behavior and make their own decisions. Consequently, children of permissive parents tend to have deficits in maturity, social responsibility, and impulse control, although their self-esteem and self-worth is very high (Cummings, Davies, & Campbell, 2000). All parents need to create guidelines as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior. If the parent does not does not set boundaries for their child, he/she will not develop morals or learn how to properly

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