Characteristics Of Adulthood And Childhood

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A developmental stage can be distinguished by the quality of behavior that is expected of an individual at a certain predetermine age range. Often they focus on the psychological, social, emotional, mental and physical developments proceed throughout one 's life span. In addition to the differences between individuals due to development, even though there are sometimes set milestones must be furfill in each developmental stage, there is also the recognition that growth can happen in different areas simultaneously. Such as a person, not developing their sense of identity until late adulthood or a child, that has achieved the physical appearances of an adult at the beginning of adolescences. Meaning that there are times when someone is in between developmental stages, also the idea that people cannot skip over the developmental stages milestone. “It is an age when people explore various possibilities in love and work as they move toward making enduring choices. (Page 10)” The reason there are characteristics of different stages in our lives is so that we can …show more content…
The five characteristic that distinguishes emerging adulthood from adolescence is the fact that it is the age of identity exploration, instability, possibilities, self-focused and feeling in-between. These are the characteristics that currently define some of the challenges that I face on a daily bases. I have the mindset of someone who is trying to find himself or herself. Yet, at the same time, I am stuck in between being an adult (as the United States of American considers anyone over the age of eighteen) and being at the end of my teen years. This is a point in my life where everything is very unstable and focused towards me. I may feel like I should not be responsible for anyone but myself, however, at the end of the day I do not have the ability to provide for my everyday needs on my

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