Character Sketch Of Romeo And Mercutio

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by Shakespeare,two families the Montagues and the Capulets constantly keep fighting throughout the play. Every young man in the Verona society was aware of their status and these young men would never fight below their rank. Benvolio is the nephew to the Montagues and he is a very trustworthy friend and counselor. Throughout the play, he mainly serves as the peacemaker. Tybalt is the nephew of the lord and the lady capulet, he is a very aggressive and troublesome character and he was the main reason behind many quarrels in the play. Mercutio is a humorous character, he adds in a lot of comedy to the play which in turn does not make this play a boring one.

Benvolio usually emerges as the peacemaker and well-wisher of the play, Whenever the
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No matter who was right the Capulets or the Montagues, he would alway support the trurth with a bias toward the montagues, as he was a relative of theirs. Benvolio changing as a character is that, as the sensible peacemaker, there are actually times when his character is less sensible than other times. The best example of Benvolio acting without sense is when he decides to persuade Romeo to go to the ball. True, Benvolio had Romeo's needs in mind. Since Rosaline would be at the ball as a relation of Capulets, being at the ball would give Romeo a chance to see how Rosaline compares to other women in Verona. Seeing Rosaline in perspective would help Romeo forget about her and move on. However, Benvolio somehow manages to forget that going to the enemy's house would be dangerous and most certainly lead to grave consequences. Therefore, convincing Romeo to go to the ball is one moment in which Benvolio acts with less sense than he normally …show more content…
Mercutio’s actions indirectly caused Romeo and Juliet to meet.

Shakespeare used Mercutio to add comedy to the tragedy. Mercutio is a member of the royal family, he neither a Montague or a Capulet, but because Romeo is his friend he stands on the Montagues side. Mercutio always says puns which makes the play more entertaining and interesting, for example when Romeo was in love with Rosaline, Mercutio says that love is too rough “If love be rough with you, be rough with love” through these word shows that Mercutio is straightforward. Mercutio urges Romeo to come to the ball that's when Romeo and Juliet meet.

As a result of Mercutio has an attractive role, his roles in the play are entertaining like the puns he says make the audiences laugh, his death caused the play to a

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