Essay about Character Analysis : ' The Crucible '

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Thesis- Seeing The Crucible through an archetypal lens the reader sees that even though the Salem Witch Trials seem to be an outrageous story, it has many characteristics of everyday archetypes. These archetypes are shown by three different characters which hold the traits of being a hero, rebel, ruler, and lover of the story.
Body Paragraph #1
The first archetype lens that comes to mind when speaking about The Crucible is the hero of the story. This role was taken on by Proctor; one example is when Proctor says, “Would you give them such a lie? Say it. Would you ever give them this she cannot answer. You would not; if tongs of fire were singeing you would not! It is evil. Good, then-it is evil, and I do it!” (I). Proctor is trying to show Elizabeth that he is taking the burden of everything and Elizabeth would never this for him. He is saving her by taking the burden for her. Another spot where Proctor displays himself as a hero is once again with Elizabeth, “I will fall like an ocean on that court! Fear nothing, Elizabeth” (II). Proctor is expressing that he will do anything to save her when she is accused of being a witch. This shows that he must save her, much like a hero would do. The final example the readers might see looking through the archetype is, “If come to tell you, Abby, what I will do tomorrow in court. I would not take you by surprise, but give you all good time to think what to do to save yourself” (II.ii). This passage shows how no matter…

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