Character Analysis Of Grendel By John Gardner

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Eric Jordan
Mrs. Byrd
AP Lit 5th
7 January 2015
Character is defined as a Literary from which flourished in England and France in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. IT is a brief and descriptive sketch of a personage who typifies some define quality. The person is described not as an individualized personality but as an example of some vice or virtue type, such as busybody, a superstitious fellow, a fop, a country bumpkin, a garrulous old man, a happy milkmaid, etc.(Holman). The novel GRENDEL by John Gardner is a fiction based in the 6th century in Denmark.
John Gardner was born in July 21, 1933 in Batavia New York. He married Joan Louise Patterson on June 6, 1953; they had some kids but later got divorced in
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He has yet to venture out to far from his cave and when he does it is like the saying. “Curiosity killed the cat.” He is inquisitive about everything. Whether it is about the humans and their reasoning for what they do or when he goes on his journey to find the meaning of life. Regardless Grendel gets the short end of the stick whenever he tries to invade Hrothgar’s hall. This is because he was curious about the new comers and their leader Beowulf. ANGER ISSUES is a problem for Grendel because whenever he gets all mad he reacts and usually ends up in a gory manner. IRRATIONAL THINKING/ PHILOSOPHY is also an issue for him. All of these three points go hand in hand. Usually meaning that one of them will lead to another by some …show more content…
Whether it be him telling his mom on the people being mean or going to Hrothgar’s mead hall wrecking it, eating a few of his men, and taking some to go. Grendel develops his hate towards the humans when he watches how much destruction they cause and how wasteful they are. In fact Mankind had declared on Grendel when he claims he had yet to do anything to make it seem like it was war worthy. When Grendel says: In fact I hadn’t even revealed to myself it was war. I killed stragglers now and then—with a certain grim pleasure very different from which I got from cracking a cow’s skull--but I’d never yet struck at the hall, hadn’t even revealed there—except that one ridiculous night when I walked up and tried to join them (Gardner 76). All of these events keep tagging on as to reasons why Grendel is mean when it comes to Humans. Gardner creates many scenes of Grendel becoming aggressive and hostile when he encounter and human. One of the critical parts of the novel is when Grendel is lurking around the outside of the mead hall in the woods. When Grendel says, “I saw the sword coming and I knew I couldn’t escape it. I went limp, the ways animals sometimes do at the moment of the predator’s leap. Nothing happened” (78). This was the point where Grendel realized he had somehow become immune to that of his

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