Character Analysis Lamb To The Slaughter

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Register to read the introduction… She cooks the frozen leg of lamb she kills her husband with, calms herself down, tidies herself up and rehearses what she is going to say when she goes to the market, “Hullo Sam” (Dahl 2). She went to the market and acted very casually towards Sam the clerk so that he would not suspect anything. She made him believe she was going to buy the food to cook for her husband but it was only an alibi. She then went home and called the police and reported to them that her husband was dead. When the police came to her house she told the police that she was out at the market to buy some vegetables and when she came back home she found her husband lying on the floor. Mary made the policemen and the detectives believe she is a grieving widow and she made them feel sorry for her, she was tearful whenever she spoke with the officers. Mary even made Sergeant Noonan give her a drink of whiskey because she said “Yes please, but only a small one. It might make me feel better.” (Dahl 4). Mary was even able to persuade Sergeant Noonan by making him have some whiskey, Mary said “Why don’t you have one yourself, you must be awfully tired.” This shows Mary as being very cleverly manipulative. She even convinces the others to have a drink of whiskey. Mary also convinces them to eat the leg of lamb that she cooked by saying to the officers that “Patrick would never forgive me, God bless his soul, if I allowed you to remain in his house without offering you decent hospitality.” (Dahl 4). Mary made them feel obliged and guilty to eat the lamb because they respected Patrick’s request after she told them about what Patrick said. Therefore she told them “Why don’t you eat up that lamb that’s in the oven?” (Dahl 4) Mary was very manipulative and sinister because she knew exactly what she was doing; she wanted the officers to eat up all of the lamb so that there would be no evidence of the murder weapon that she

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