Essay on Character Analysis : Boo Radley '

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Boo Radley was an innocent sole in many ways who was protected by the kindness of great man like Atticus Finch. Boo Radley by many in the community was someone to be feared and ostracize. With this Jem, Scout, Dill and most people in Maycomb allowed their imagination to take hold. They innocently judge him indiscriminately while not acknowledging his gracious humanity. For “the children regard him as a bogeyman, and play what seem to them dangerous games of brinkmanship with him. The reader knows that the children are mistaken about Boo. He is a gentle person: he leaves gifts for the children; he wraps a blanket around Scout as he watches a fire in the cold (Dare 129). Atticus was able to teach to his children that one must first understand others before they judge them and their character. Atticus defended Boo Radley from the kids as they were performing acts portraying Boo Radley and his family negatively. It was an important lesson that was thought to Jem and Scout, which allowed for Scout along with her development throughout the novel. This was seen as Atticus “teaches them compassion and tolerance, frequently advising Scout to step into the shoes of others such as the Ewells and Boo Radley (Dare 129)”. Atticus was able to instill in them that judging of other people was ignorant and foolish.
Atticus was also able to protect Boo Radley from being tried for the self defense murder of Bob Ewell. Atticus felt that it was wrong allow a calm and gentle sole Like Boo Radley…

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