Essay on Character Analysis : ' Antigone '

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Ismene’s Courage
Courage can have its limitations. Limitations, which are present within Sophocles ' play "Antigone". A tale focused on the protagonist Antigone, who goes behind her uncle and king, Creon’s, back to bury her brother Polynices. Within the story, Antigone tried to enlist her sister, Ismene’s help. To which Ismene had refused on the basis that they were women and were in no place to stand up against the king or the law (1567). However, in the third part of the play when Creon accuses Ismene of being an accomplice to Antigone’s schemes; contrarily to Ismene’s previous words, Ismene chooses to stand by her sister’s side. Although Ismene’s actions within the play Antigone can be considered as complete cowardice; through another perspective it may be noted that Ismene is not entirely without courage
First, some find Ismene’s initial refusal of Antigone’s plans as an act of cowardice; however, it can be seen that it is rather an act of courage that Ismene stood her ground against Antigone. In the play when Antigone tries to enlist Ismene’s help rather than being coerced into Antigone’s plans Ismene stood her ground and tries to convince Antigone to think her plans through rather than act impulsively. For example, Bonnie Honig pointed out that. “[Antigone] turns to Ismene seeking help, and despite the claims of centuries of interpretation that treat Ismene as a passive, compliant character, Ismene puts up quite a fight when she hears her sister’s plans” (31).…

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